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Landmarks of Fayette County, PA

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater

Considered one of the most beautiful properties in the entire country!
Visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater just 25 miles from Uniontown.  Fallingwater was voted as one of the 25 "most important houses in America" by Fine Homebuilding Magazine summer 2006 edition

Wharton Furnace

Wharton Iron Furnace
Andrew Stewart began construction of this charcoal iron furnace in 1837. 
It was first fired in 1839 and remained in operation until 1873.

General Edward Braddock's Grave

General Edward Braddock's Grave
Major General Edward Braddock was buried July 14, 1755
His remains were moved in 1804 to the site of this monument.

Uniontown Courthouse

Historic Uniontown Courthouse
Uniontown is the County Seat of Fayette County, PA

George C. Marshall Memorial Plaza, Uniontown PA

George C. Marshall Memorial Plaza
General George C. Marshall was born in Uniontown, PA on December 31, 1880
He won the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1953